Nakshatra – Stars in Astrology, Nakshatra Astrology, Nakshatra Horoscope
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Nakshatra – Stars in Astrology, Nakshatra Astrology, Nakshatra Horoscope

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Nakshatra, another common name is constellation. In simple words, we say a nakshatra is a group of stars forming different shapes in the limitless sky.

Now, how this science of stars is relevant to our lives. We have 28 nakshatras in the divine sky.

Let’s start with a beautiful story on nakshatras.

The beautiful daughters of Raja Daksha: These 28 nakshatras are the 28 beautiful daughters of Raja Daksha. All the 28 daughters are married to the god “Moon”. Raja Daksha married his daughters to moon on one promise that god Moon will take care of all the daughters very dearly and equally.

God moon started to catch up with each wife(nakshatras) daily. Now god Moon started showing interest in one of his favourite wives Rohini (name of one of the Nakshatras) and now started spending his quality time with her. This made all the other 27 wives unhappy & jealous of their sister Rohini. Now, all the other 27 wives approached their father Raja Daksha, and father cursed the god moon. Because of the curse, god moon started dying and becoming non vital. Later seeing the condition of their husband, they all requested their father to nullify the curse. Raja Daksha explained his daughters it is impossible to remove the curse completely, but he can help his daughters by modifying the curse that moon will disappear to reappear every month. This is what we call and see the waxing and waning phases of moon in the sky. When moon visits or spend time with each of his wives i.e. moon in those nakshatras, this brings a different change in our minds and our thought processes and of course our varying moods!

As we are discussing Moon here, would like to emphasise that moon is our mind, our mann. Mind or Mann is very hard to control, this is like a dancing monkey on the tight rope. Now, we will come to Astrology part of Nakshatras.

There are 27 Nakshatras, and giving their names as follows:

NoEnglish NameDevanagari Name
11.Purva Phalguniपूर्व फाल्गुनी
12.Uttara Phalguniउत्तर फाल्गुनी
20.Purva Ashadhaपूर्वाषाढा
21.Uttara Ashadhaउत्तराषाढा
25.Purva Bhadrapadaपूर्वभाद्रपदा/पूर्वप्रोष्ठपदा
26.Uttara Bhadrapadaउत्तरभाद्रपदा/उत्तरप्रोष्ठपदा

One planet rule three nakshatras each.

We will discuss the 28th Nakshatra “Abhijit “in our next topic, we do have a beautiful story related this very auspicious nakshatra. Abhijit Nakshatra has no ruling planet.

In this following pattern, we are going to discuss 27 nakshatras and their charans.

Charan means a step or a subset or a foot. We have four charans in a single nakshatra. Here as we had discussed moon remains in one nakshatra for a single day and these charans viz a viz represents four subsets of a day e.g. midnight, sunset, midday and sunrise.

One Zodiac comprised of 360 degrees. And is divided into 12 signs which extends or expands over 30 degrees. And then it is also subset into 27 equal parts each comprised of 13 degrees 20minutes.

Now, we divide each Nakshatra part i.e. 13degres 20 minutes into four charans of 3 degrees 20 minutes each. With this we are done with the Mathematics of a zodiac.

Each Nakshatra has a definite shape, a rule planet, a ruling deity, a varna, a gana.

Analysis of a chart, we study each planets nakshatra placement to study the quality of mind and its impact on that area of our life.

I say “Nakshatras are the genes of one’s chart”.

Very important, the placement of moon in which nakshatra at the birth brings that energy in one’s mind & soul. And the person lives with that energy through out his life. This is called as Birth star or in Hindi Janma Nakshatra.

This Birth star has a great influence on the nature and the persona of a person, we in Hindu Dharma, we consider the birth star compatibility of two persons for the purpose of matching kundlis for marriage.

Ill be adding more info in my next article on nakshatra. stay connected!

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