Marriage getting delayed? Get solutions from Astrologers

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Marriage getting delayed? Get solutions from Astrologers -Powerful Solution For Delayed Marriage – Know Best Remedies

Do you want an effective and powerful solution for delayed marriage? You can consult an apt astrologer for an immediate solution.

Delay Marriage Solution

Are you worried because of delayed marriage? Or are you troubled with the question, why does God delay marriage? We, the believer in spirituality and religiousness, have faith that unions have certain divine elements. They are a unique combination of human as well as spiritual love. But, sometimes, certain features and situations are beyond our control, and because of these factors, marriages, at times, are delayed. But, again, there is always a powerful solution for delayed marriage in astrology.

What To Do For Delay in Marriage

Of course, marriage is a divine phenomenon. Vedic wisdom states that although marriages are predestined, you can know about them through astrological lenses. Therefore, astrology reflects this aspect in depth if you are curious about which planet is responsible for late marriage.

As for females, the planet Jupiter is essential, and as for males, it’s the planet, Venus. Saturn also plays a significant role in deciding the time of marriage. In addition to these, various planetary combinations, their houses, and their degrees are crucial for providing a powerful solution for delayed marriage.

Best Remedy for Delayed Marriage

Cosmic combinations are very significant for causing a delay in marriage. But you can avoid this delay with the help of astrological solutions. Thus, if you have questions about which mantra to chant for getting married? Or what is the fastest way to get married? Then read the remedies that are appropriate for all people. However, for more specific and personalized remedies, we always recommend you consult an astrologer.

Powerful Solution for Delayed Marriage for Girl

To avoid delay in marriage and to keep pouring marriage proposals, in general, a girl should follow the following remedial procedures:
  • Keep fast for 16 consecutive Mondays
  • Recite Gauri Shankar Mantra
  • Feed green grass and spinach to cow every day

Powerful Solution for Delayed Marriage for Boy

For males, we recommend adopting below mentioned remedies for quick marriage:
  • Light five earthen lamps and do Lord Ganpati Abhishekam with turmeric, milk and Gangajal
  • Offer milk and water on Shiv lingam every Monday.
  • Keep Thursday fast, without salt.

To make the powerful solution for delayed marriage effective, we recommend that you take advice from an expert astrologer and perform the remedies in person and with complete faith.

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