Daily Practice of Yoga and Meditation Has These Benefits

Daily Practice of Yoga and Meditation Has These Benefits post thumbnail image

Daily Practice of Yoga And Meditation Has These Benefits

Yoga and meditation have innumerable benefits and are always recommended by friends and family. The practices not only bring a routine to our lives but improve both our mental and physical health. Meditation is looked more like a subsidiary of yoga because of certain yogic poses that help you meditate. The origins of yoga date back to over 5000 years and is considered to be a spiritual process that rejuvenates the mind and body if practiced well and regularly.

Some prominent benefits of yoga are

Improves flexibility and strength

Blood flow in the body increases with the help of slow movements while breathing deep. The muscles warm up and holding a position can increase muscle strength.

Boosts Mood

Yoga and meditation help improve mental health and control mood swings, depression and anxiety. Along with this, doing yoga in a group helps increase secretion of serotonin and oxytocin hormones which are the happiness and love inducing hormones.

Helps Ease Arthritis Pain

Gentle yoga can help ease arthritis symptoms and manage pain. Increased flexibility helps in improvement of muscle movement.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Yoga helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate. This causes improvement in cardiovascular health and blood circulation in the body.

Helps With Asthma

Pranayama which is a type of breathing exercise in Yoga can help you deal with asthma reducing the number of asthma attacks by regulating breathing.

Helps Sleep Better Due To Relaxation

Yoga helps build a routine lifestyle that can help improve your sleep cycle and relax you. Yoga helps your body set an automatic alarm for you to go to sleep and wake up.

Treat Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be dealt with by practicing yoga regularly for a few weeks. Stretching exercises and postures increase the flexibility of your spine. This helps in lessening back pains and increased mobility.