The Many Health Benefits of Lemon Water in Summers

The Many Health Benefits of Lemon Water in Summers post thumbnail image

The Many Health Benefits of Lemon Water in Summers

Lemon water, also known as Nimbu Paani, Shikanji, and Nimbu Soda is a drink that pleases everyone during summers. Indians everywhere love to have this cooling drink. A lot of people consider starting their day with lemon water instead of tea, coffee or any other fruit juice.

While, it is tasty and refreshing, lemon water has innumerable health benefits too:

Great source of Vitamin C

Lemon has high Vitamin C content which helps to protect the cells from damaging free radicals. Vitamin C also helps reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases along with keeping blood pressure levels under control.

Weight Loss

The Vitamin C content also helps in oxidation of fats that lead to weight loss. Pectin is a fibre (also found in lemonade) that helps reduce hunger cravings and makes you feel full.


Lemon water improves hydration as water intake becomes easier when you add flavour to it. Lemon water also helps improve the sodium levels in our body and helps replenish other important nutrients to keep us dehydrated. Lemon water helps reduce the intake of carbonated beverages that can be extremely harmful to the body.


Hot or lukewarm lemon water works as a laxative. If you decide to start your day with lukewarm lemon water, you are working towards prevention of constipation and keeping the bowel movement healthy. In ayurvedic terms, lemon water helps stimulate the fire element called ‘agni’ which helps improve the digestion process.

Skin Benefits

As discussed earlier, lemon water has high Vitamin C content which possesses anti-ageing properties. A 2016 study revealed that citrus-based juice mixtures suppress the wrinkle formation in hairless mice.