This is a tried and tested method of bringing children into discipline

This is a tried and tested method of bringing children into discipline post thumbnail image

This is a tried and tested method of bringing children into discipline

The foundation of discipline in school life molds the whole personality of the child, but what if the very beginning is disturbed? This question often arises in front of parents. The answer is that the path will come only through your love and understanding.

Anju Chaudhary, working in a government bank, says that my eight-year-old son is very fast in reading and writing, but often he is able to get up late in the morning. Because of this his school van misses. After leaving the van, some member of the house leaves his work and goes to drop him to school. No matter how hard I try to fall asleep early in the night, he keeps waking up. It is very difficult to wake him up on time in the morning. Not only this, after getting up, he also takes a long time to get ready for school. I try to pick it up two-three hours in advance so that the school van is not missed. I am very upset with this habit of his. The people of the house also keep blaming me. I don’t understand what should I do? Because he is good in studies. That’s why I can’t even say much to him, but I don’t know why his mood is upsetting in the morning?

You must have also heard about this type of problem from someone you know at some time or the other. In this context, psychiatrist Dr. Kalpana Kohli says that first of all you should make sure that your son is getting enough sleep or not. Due to lack of sleep, sometimes children take a long time to get out of bed in the morning. Even if you get up on time, you continue to become irritable. As a result, they are not able to complete routine activities on time, nor are they able to have breakfast etc. on time. Because of this, there is often a possibility of missing their school van.

Kalpana Kohli says that in order not to miss the school van of the child often, it is necessary to set his bedtime at night, as well as ensure that whatever time he has to sleep, about one and a half-two hours before his bedtime. try. With several days of practice, he will start sleeping on time. Along with sleeping early in the night, wake him up in the morning and take him to the balcony or roof of the house, where fresh air comes. Breathing in fresh air brings energy and freshness as well as keeps the mind happy. Along with this, talk lovingly to him and boost his morale. Then ask him to complete the routine activities. If you want, you can also help her a little during this time, such as putting toothpaste in the toothbrush, filling water in the tub or bucket for bathing, hanging her towel and garments in the bathroom etc. When he is ready to have breakfast, try to give him the things he likes, but it is also very important to take care of the nutritional value of those foods. You can also keep food items of her choice in the lunch box.

Kalpana Kohli says that you can also try this method to encourage and boost the morale of the child. After preparing her lunch box, you can stick a small paper or stick on paper through tape in its lower surface, on which interesting quotes are written. If you want, you can also write quotes like Mamma love you or Mamma like you on this paper. Try these small ways. Surely after trying these methods, changes will start coming in it. Slowly but surely his habits will start improving as well as he will automatically start getting up early in the morning. As a result, neither his school van will be missed nor will you or the people of the house have to suffer mentally or physically.

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