Mother’s milk is nectar for the baby

Mother’s milk is nectar for the baby post thumbnail image

Mother’s milk is nectar for the baby

Mother’s milk is naturally rich in nutrition. Due to this, the physical and mental development of the baby takes place properly and proper diet is given by Dr. Kalpna Kohli Gynecologist and Obstetrician…

There is still a lack of awareness about breast feeding, while mothers should not be hesitant about it. For the first six months of birth, the baby should be fed only breast milk. This will keep him safe from various infections and strengthen his immunity. That’s why it is called exclusive breast feeding. Babies’ intestines are very sensitive and delicate up to six months after birth. They do not have to work much and get nutritious food, for this reason fluids are consumed, but the digestive system of the baby is not so active that it can properly digest milk or other liquids other than mother’s milk . Often mothers, instead of breast feeding, start consuming milk, water, honey, sugar etc. from the bottle to the baby. This method adversely affects the health of the baby.

Consumption of such things or complementary feeds should be started only after six months of birth. Due to misconceptions and lack of awareness, pregnant women throw away the milk from the initial days of delivery. The color of this milk is not white, while the reason for its not being white is the colostrum present in it, which plays an important role in increasing the immunity of the baby. Therefore, mothers must consume it. Breast feeding creates an effective emotional bond between the baby and the mother. According to many researches, babies who are breast fed are docile, gentle and free from criminal tendencies by nature.

Why It’s so special?

Mother’s milk is easily digested by the baby. Therefore, there is less chance of constipation, abdominal pain or stomach related disorders. The protein found in it, called para-cagene, forms soft curves, which does not affect the activity of the intestines of the newborn. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus found in it is naturally such that the weight of the baby increases according to the height and age, that is, there is no possibility of uncontrolled weight gain. The immunoglobulins found in this milk provide immunity to the respiratory and digestive systems to fight against infections.

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