Online Shopping Platforms: Multiple Career Possibilities in E-Commerce

Online Shopping Platforms: Multiple Career Possibilities in E-Commerce post thumbnail image

Online Shopping Platforms: Multiple Career Possibilities in E-Commerce

In the midst of the increasing trend of online shopping, while people are easily getting all the things they need sitting at home, it has also become a great employment option for the youth. During the Corona period, when other sectors were going through recession, even then there was an outflow of jobs in this sector. This series is progressing rapidly. These days, the ongoing festive season offers on e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart, where the number of buyers is increasing rapidly. The good thing is that indigenous startups and unicorn companies are also moving fast in e-commerce. This trend of online shopping is more since the Corona epidemic. According to an IBEF report, the Indian e-commerce market is projected to grow at a rate of 21.5 per cent in 2022, which is expected to reach around US$ 74.8 billion, from around US$ 46.2 billion by 2020. According to the reports, if this e-commerce market in the country continues to grow at the same pace, then by 2025 its total business size will reach US$ 188 billion. One of the reasons for the growth in the business of e-commerce is that in the last two years, apart from big cities, the number of online shopping has increased rapidly in small cities. To woo the customers, e-commerce companies are promoting their platforms and offers in Hindi through newspapers and TV. It is natural that due to the rapid spread of e-commerce companies in the country, job / employment opportunities are also increasing rapidly for skilled youth at various levels in it.

With the onset of the festive season, the e-commerce platform is flooded with tempting offers. E-commerce companies are spreading rapidly even in small towns. Along with this, these platforms are emerging as great employment options in metros to tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Let us know how you can make a career in this field…

Change in shopping habits

With the internet and smartphones reaching most of the people in the country and changing their buying habits, there are hundreds of startups active in the e-commerce field at present. The growing business of these companies is an example of how fast this sector of the retail sector is growing. The fear of corona infection is still among the people. Therefore, there is a tendency of a large number of people to avoid going to the markets for shopping. Secondly, the convenience of home delivery of goods within minutes with a single click of a smartphone is also increasingly attracting people to e-shopping. In such a situation, due to this change in the habits and behavior of the consumers, online shopping is moving ahead by leaps and bounds and due to this employment is also increasing in it.

Many employment opportunities

In today’s time, apart from e-commerce Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho etc., many startups have come to provide all the services from food items to online. Apart from this, many other big companies are also providing the facility of online shopping. Skilled people are needed all the time in all these places. There are a lot of opportunities in this field especially for the youth pursuing courses related to customer service, supply chain management, logistics, marketing, web designing and finance. Apart from skilled, there are many job opportunities for non-skilled youth in this sector. Let us know about some such jobs related to e-commerce field:

Non-technical jobs

The delivery boy and customer service executive are called entry level jobs in e-commerce. The youth who are not more educated from the technical field, they can easily find such jobs in this sector. While delivery boys handle online orders to the customers, customer executives manage online orders in e-commerce companies and answer customer queries. If you have basic knowledge of local language, general English, good communication skills and computer with understanding of e-commerce, then it will be easy for you to get a job here. In addition, Warehouse Personnel is one such entry-level position, who oversees the logistics of the company and ensures that the ordered items are packed and leave the warehouse on time. These people also maintain the stock. Apart from this, positions like Marketing Specialist, SEO Content Writer, Administrative Assistant, and Retention Specialist are also entry-level positions that deal with all kinds of paperwork from branding.

Technical jobs

In today’s time, apart from online shopping websites, a lot is also happening through apps. In such a situation, there is a regular need of experienced user experience designer, graphic designer, developer, IT technician or business analyst etc. to make websites and apps with easy features for the customers. Apart from such professional e-commerce companies, all the companies providing online facility to the customers also provide their services to make the website and apps user friendly. You can also make a career in this direction by increasing your technical skills.

Management jobs

Like many corporate companies, e-commerce companies also have many management level positions such as supply chain manager, digital operations manager, digital marketing manager, customer satisfaction manager, financial manager etc. If you also want such management jobs in e-commerce companies or related startups, then you can also make a good career by increasing your skills and qualifications in any of these fields.

Skill based courses available

In view of the increasing employment opportunities in the e-commerce field, courses are also being conducted at various levels. If seen, the avenues of making a career are opened from the twelfth onwards. Programs such as Bachelor of E-Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration in E-Commerce etc. are available after 12th from certification to diploma and bachelor’s. Similarly, there are also postgraduate level courses available such as MBA in E-Commerce, Master in E-Commerce, Master of Engineering in E-Commerce, Master of Science in E-Commerce Applications, Post Graduate Diploma in E-Commerce Applications, PG Diploma in Information Technology and Management in E-Commerce, Advance Diploma in Web and E-Commerce Technology etc. Graduation is a must for such courses.

Attractive package

Attractive salary packages are being offered to the youth in every department of online shopping companies. Depending on the skill in entry level jobs, you can get salary from 25 to 30 thousand rupees in the beginning. At the same time, experienced professionals in the field of technology and management are getting a salary of more than Rs.

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