Some Things to Keep In Mind While Using Air Conditioners This Summer

Some Things to Keep In Mind While Using Air Conditioners This Summer post thumbnail image

Some Things to Keep In Mind While Using Air Conditioners This Summer

With the arrival of summer, the consumption of electricity increases due to the use of electronics such as AC, cooler, and refrigerators in homes. During summers, AC provides relief from the heat but also contributes to the huge consumption of electricity. Whether it is window AC or split AC, the power consumption is very high.

If you are receiving a high electricity bill due to AC, we are going to give you some crucial tips to conserve energy and reduce the consumption of power.

AC modes

The new age ACs available in the market come with so many modes such as dry, cool, fan, etcetera. After turning on the AC in the summer, make sure that it is running on the cooling mode, otherwise, it can lead to increased electricity bills.

AC temperature

Often, we run the AC at a very low temperature due to excessive heat and then the room turns very cold. We then increase the temperature again. By repeatedly increasing and decreasing the temperature, it starts consuming more electricity. To avoid this, set the AC at a standard temperature. Doing so will make sure your room stays cool enough and the electricity bill is under control.

Close doors and windows

After starting the AC, always keep in mind that the doors and windows of the room are properly closed. If we don’t do so, the cold air goes out and hot air from outside comes inside, heating up the room. Due to this, the load on AC increases and it starts consuming double the power.

Clean the AC from time to time

Along with running the air conditioner, it is also equally important to maintain it. Due to continuous use, the dust gets accumulated in the ducts and vents of the AC. Due to this, cold air from the AC does not reach the room properly. Apart from this, it is important to change the AC filter and make sure it gets proper maintenance from time to time.

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